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3 Reasons Why You Must Master Storytelling To Succeed in Business

“People are attracted to stories, because we’re social creatures and we relate to other people.”-Quesenberry

Yes, this post is about the old fashioned way of communication before the flat screens and the mobile devices... storytelling!

In our daily professional lives, we're often making a sales pitch, sending proposals of our ideas to seniors, motivating team members to perform better or simply making presentations. 

We stress over the content and the data but the golden thread that holds it all together, is a good story. You may have heard that famous saying-

People will not remember what you said, 

they'll only remember how you made them feel...

This is why emotions trump data in the real world. So, here are 

3 Reasons why you must master storytelling to succeed in business...

#1 Storytelling pokes the listeners' brain directly and gives you undivided attention

Neuroeconomist Paul Zack has done exemplary research on the subject.

His research suggests that when a listener hears a stressful part of the story, their brain releases the cortisol hormone that pushes them to focus (hence giving you their deep attention) and when they hear the nice, happy and cute part of a story, their brain releases oxytocin which is responsible for empathy (hence makes you relatable and memorable). 

#2 Stories have the power to create change in behaviour

Do you remember the last time you gave someone a list of instructions and demanded that they modify their behaviour?

I don't need to ask you how well did that go.

Because we all know that doesn't work. If the person is powerless and owes you something or somehow compelled to change their behaviour to keep their job, the behaviour change is only superficial. The moment you turn your back, the change will bounce back to normal and might create more resentment.

When you share a story about how you or someone was impacted by an incident, you inspire and engage them which in turn helps them monitor their own behaviour and habits.

#3 Stories make you memorable and memory brings business

Lets say you shared a story with a group of people about how you started your business and what inspired you to create your product. If your story is a good story, it certainly is a memorable one too. All the listeners in the group might not need your product right then and there but when the time comes, they'll remember you!

And if your story is personal, relatable and genuine, people will be inspired to buy from you even if they didn't know they needed your product. Its how humans behave. We all want to relate to someone meaningful and in the urge to be part of that community, we SUBSCRIBE! 

These were my two (3 cents) on why storytelling is a key business skill. How about you, do you use the art of storytelling in your business? What were your results? Please share your thoughts in the comments. 

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