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Anatomy of 'Learning & Development' Body : Do You Need A Health Check Up?

Last week I did a blog post on the topic  It's Almost Swimsuit Season: Is Your L&D Body Ready For Action? 

With such pleasant response and messages from the L&D community, I decided to dig deeper in today's post for my beloved readers, yes YOU!

So today we shall talk about-

One of the most common mistakes L&D practitioners make is that they focus so much on the tools (operations) of the job, they ignore the the head & the heart part of their body.

The main reason why this happens is because operations seem to be the short term impact making area, something that brings ROI hence giving the impression of success.

Here's an example. A training in Excel is delivered to a bunch of sales assistants in a large retail organization FROGMART. The ROI is great, they all learnt it and applied in their jobs successfully. A week later they discover that the FROGMART is shifting to an automated software and there's no need to make manual Excel sheets anymore.


In other words, the strategy is not in alignment with operations.

This week I shall be posting all about the diagonosis of your L&D body so you can test for yourself if your head, heart and hands are working in alignment. There will be self examination questions, tests and methods to align your body and get fit.

If in case you need a doctor's help, I'm AVAILABLE! (its only half pun since I really am a doctoral candidate in L&D, just not a medical one)

This series on the anatomy of L&D is a part of my upcoming book

Learn more about it here.

Please share your stories and questions, I personally respond to my fanmail. :)

Happy Monday Yo!

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