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Case Study #2: Corporate Creativity @The Training Foundation

Hello my lovely Da Vinci blog fans. Today's case study is about UK's highly prestigious training organization- The Training Foundation!

The Training Accreditation Programme, TAP®, is the UK's leading Qualifications

Framework for Learning and Development (L&D) professionals and has been improving the

quality of training since its introduction in 1998.

Currently, there are approximately 26,000 TAP-qualified L&D practitioners working in 1,400+ organisations including more than half the FTSE 100. There is also wide adoption across the public sector, including 2,600+ TAP certified trainers in 130+ NHS Trusts. All of these have completed TAP training courses with The Training Foundation (delivered either in the classroom or online e-learning), with Certificates and Diplomas awarded by The British Institute for Learning & Development.

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