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Case Study 3: Interview with Andrew Gee on Creativity @ the World of Learning Conference & Exhibition 2015

Post event collections of learnings and thoughts:

Last week I attended the World of Learning and Exhibition event in Birmingham with a special motive.

Remember how Simon Sinek insists, "start with why"???

Well, the reason why I visited was curiosity about the industry. I was like a child in a candy factory at the WOLCE 2015. I decided to change my career from academia to corporate training and learning few months ago. I'm embarrassed to admit that despite my exquisite background in business education (MBA & almost PhD), the Learning and Development industry came to me as a surprise. 

Sadly, in all my business education, the business units that are repeatedly discussed, taught and aspired are finance, marketing, software management and sales. Never once have I elaborately come across learning and development as a business unit. When you study organizational development or leadership, you touch base with some overlapping areas but as shocking as it sounds, the truth is L&D is the hidden gem of the corporate world, at least for me. 

I am on an interview spree speaking with the experts and geniuses who are heading innovation in the L&D industry in 2015. 

To this end, my first interviewee is the Senior Project Manager, World of Learning Conference who was humble enough to share his thoughts with us all. Having being one of the key organizing members of this event, his experience tells us how amazing a job in L&D can be.

Interview with Andrew Gee- Read here...

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