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Complaining About Millennials' Entitlement: 10 things to consider before the rant

OK, so apparantly millennials are disliked for many reasons such as:

  • Feeling entitled to respectful behaviour

  • Feeling entitled to positive feedback

  • Being tech savy

  • Multitasking etc

Here are 10 things to consider before you officially start ranting about millennials:

  1. Yes, they multitask. If you were any good at it, you wouldn't complain. See it as a skill.

  2. Yes they are tech savy and prefer online stuff. Its called new age tools. You must look it up and deal with it because no matter how much you rant, the world isn't going to move backwards.

  3. Yes millennials are open minded, less homophobic, misogynist and racist. These are issues that should have been taken care of by you, but you didn't so now they are cleaning up your mess.

  4. Yes they enjoy being mums and dads and spending time with their families. Just because they work for you doesn't mean you own them. It's not slavery anymore. You got to give them paternity and maternity leave.

  5. Millennials need instant feedback because that speeds up the process by 100x. They cannot wait for 12 months and your boring annual reviews to validate their hardwork.

  6. They want to make a difference, not just a paycheck. This is another thing you can use to your advantage instead of disliking it as distraction.

  7. Yes they expect better salaries, good offices and vibrant work environments. After your generation has made it extremely expensive to get an education and pushing millions of students in deep debt, you don't want them to earn enough to pay their student loans?

  8. Yes they spend a lot of time on their phones and computers and there must be a healthy limit for that but use technology to reach millennials in creative ways to alter behaviour and enhance learning, just like SNAPCHAT.

  9. Yes they grew up with technology but you have what they don't; experience. Learn tech from them and share your experience to enhance their learning. The world becomes a better place when competition is replaced by cooperation.

  10. Lastly, question yourself- when you were their age...what were you doing? If you had the amount of resources available to them, wouldn't you be like them?

For the world to progress we need to stop validating ideas that come from only certain age groups. We need to embrace the key skills of each generation of workers and learn the games of the new marketplace. They are here to stay; we better learn their ways.

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