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Ep#1'The Pleasures of Flight'

It's said that Da Vinci lived a life way ahead of his fellow humans. His superior observation skills and genius mastery over meticulous sketches and drawings were phenomenal. He invented a flying parachute way before humans knew they could ever fly. Da Vinci was extremely excited about this insane idea that humans could one day soar through the skies. To this end, he observed birds, flies and kites for months at a time, to understand the aerodynamics of flight. His sketches show a beautifully crafted 'flying machine' that human ever invented. 

Because of the lack of a powerful engine and the pilot lying face down in the centre of this device, the machine wouldn't have succeeded per se. But the idea that humans could ever fly is still credited to Da Vinci for thinking way ahead of his time. It wasn't until 400 years after this, that the Wright brothers made their first successful flight in a powered aircraft. 

Here's the comics. 


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