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How do you describe what you do? Is it work, is it career or is it a mission?

Snippets from Tony Robbins

Listening to Tony Robbins is an act of debugging your soul. The insightful words he speaks truly make him a rarest of the rare speaker. 

In his recent video that was shared by Ramit Sethi on his IWT Blog, Tony asks this question to the audience and apart from many other things he said, this one stuck to me pretty hard.

How do you describe what you do? Is it work, is it career or is it a mission? - Tony Robbins

These simple words are extremely powerful because they remind us that living for others is the best life. 

While at school, I saw a lot of motivation being fed to us kids to do something big in life or grow up and change the world in a certain way. That became my path. Since early on I knew I wasn't going to stop myself for the sake of what others think about my dreams. 

But as we graduated from universities, I noticed a very specific pattern in people around me. 

It was all about partying and who's got the biggest car or who earns most bucks. It literally turned into a charade. 

There was no mission to make an impact at all. And a country like India can actually use that little mission driven feeling from it's elite or middle class citizens.

It's the engineer's and MBA race. Parent's would force their children to either become a medical doctor, an engineer or get an MBA and the better their colleges the more dowry they can demand when they marry. While for women, it didn't matter for a second how educated she is because ultimately her destiny is to change diapers and wash dirty dishes at her husband's home. I generalise of course but when only 30% of the entire women's population of India show up in the workforce, it says something about the oppressive culture that frowns at working women.

Coming back to my story, I noticed all the people I knew from school and college got so busy getting a job, making a family and living the usual day to day, they are already bored of living. They complain about life excessively. All you hear is me, me , me. There is not even a single word about a higher purpose, about whose begging for a bite of bread right at their door. It's like we became oblivious to the hungry and poor thinking we will never have to worry about those things. Will we, really?

Those who work, do complain incessently about their 'sacrifices' and even take it out on their children. 

They would guilt their children into doing things the children don't want to simply by throwing it to their faces, how many sacrifices that made. 

The rest strive hard for a career which seems slightly better but the problem with a career is that there's always an extra million to strive for. It's a blind and selfish rat race. You keep comparing yourself with others, you keep focusing on what next can I do that will bring me more money, fame or success. But as Tony says in the video, 

There's no bigger failure than success without fulfillment- Tony Robbins

But what happens when you are on a mission? The fulfillment is prevalent, it is built in by default without looking outside for people's approval. It can be found in the little things in life. 

When you find a higher purpose in life, fulfilling it becomes your mission. Ask most people what their purpose in life is and they will give you a blank stark look like you were talking to a chimp.

It's not like you have to be extra skilled or talented or gifted in order to find your higher mission in life. 

It's actually simpler than learning how to drive a car. And it's such a shame that while most people can drive a car, they cannot drive their souls. 

When you do find that mission, you put day in and day out of pure passion. You know your dreams sound stupid or too impossible but they won't let you sleep in peace so you wake up in the middle of the night and do it. You tell your mind that it can relax now because you will follow what it's saying and the abstract will take shape and form soon.

On the other hand, when your brain gives you those signals and instead of focusing on what it's saying, you just shut it down and go to sleep, that's when it gets disappointed and after a while it stops sending you those mission signals. 

Your brain can be reprogrammed to some extent when you decide what you want it to experience. Your mission is what keeps those signals alive and reprogrammed from time to time. Knowing your path is more important than the destination. 

In his video Tony gave several reasons why being on a mission is more important than a job and a career. But the most commonly applicable is the one about suffering. Suffering is about us. When we change the focus of our lives from us to making it about helping others and giving the world our best, that's when the magic happens. We do ourselves a huge favor when we stop internal suffering and reach that peaceful state of mind and living. 

I'm extremely blessed to be one of those on a mission and watching this video only gives me reassurance that I am on the right path. 

My mission is to help transform workplaces from competitive rat races to communities of empathy that inspire humans (resources) to reach for the stars and do amazing things. 

I have been working on my PhD and in my business on the same topic and hence invented the KMCL, model of corporate learning which is in the prototype stage at the moment. To introduce such a radical concept of learning, I first will bring in a book called 'Win Some Learn Some' that will set the scene for the model. 

And as Tony said, we humans are all wired to connect and make an impact together not in isolation; I'm doing exactly that.

I decided to open chapter sponsorships to innovative businesses whose services or products are purchased by L&D departments. If you would like to be a part of the mission , please click on the book below to learn more. 

I wish you well in finding and living your mission.

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