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How to Be An Intrapreneur When Your Boss Is a Control Freak Micro Managing SOB


This is part 1 of control freak boss series. Part 2 can be read here.

Intrapreneurship- the cool new innovative management practice that encourages employees to have an entrepreneurial mindset within a corporate environment. In lay person terms, it’s all about freedom. Yes, autonomy to do the work the employees’ style as long as it aligns with business objectives.

Many companies pay lip service to this new style of work because it’s all cool and hot and makes them look like they are in the hot mix of innovative companies, but in practice many fail miserably.

To be accurate, 70% of HR professionals are one of the key stakeholders in developing intrapreneurial thinking for employees, 58% of HR leaders are looking to develop intrapreneurship, but 65% of HR find their company culture does not reinforce open innovation and the intrapreneurial process of proposing new ideas. (Future Workplace Research)

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