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It's Almost Swimsuit Season: Is Your L&D Body Ready For Action?

Mohalo People!

I'm not in Hawai but the greeting just felt right for today's post. 

Yes, I'm talking swimsuit season people! You might ask

"what's swim suit season got to do with Learning & Development?"

Well, quite a lot actually. Also the swim suit and the bikini body are just metaphors. You'll know that in a minute. 

But for now, I want you to imagine this...

A calm, beautiful, relaxing beach, cool breeze flowing through your hair, gentle sunshine warming your skin and the gush of the water crashing over the seashore & a gentle whisper in your ear saying "come & live your life"...

You with me?

OK, so if you love your work, a.k.a Learning & Development industry, this beach can easily be seen as your industry in the middle of the year when holidays are far apart and its peak BUSINESS- SEASON. 

Very naturally, there are going to be other L&D rockstars, with their paparazzi, flashing their perfect bodies & Chanel swim suits, I'm sure you don't want to look like you just crawled out of bed in sweatpants while you slept last night watching Dirty Dancing. 

Here are three kinds of L&D bodies you'll spot at the (L&D industry) beach...

These are the SKINNY L&D departments and companies.

They have extremely frugal budgets and every penny is transactional in nature. (They don't see the long term value of learning).

They spend zero to little funds on researching the needs and desires of their learners. Hence their programs are vague.

They deliver bad results because they are not allowed to spend funds on good tools and deliver quality outcomes.

These are the FLABBY & LAZY ones. The problem here is not budget but the bureacracy that comes along. 

There's just too much paper work.

Half the time is wasted in uselss meetings that bring no results.

Bosses don't let new opinions, programs, ideas or innovations survive, they just do what they want.

There is no clear direction given to L&D.

Too many cooks, no actions.

By the time an action is taken, the business need has already shifted. 

You're so well organized & put together, you make your clients drool.

Your budgets are alotted based on your exact needs.

You spend healthy amount of time researching and empathising with your learners.

You deliver high quality results because your learners get exactly what they needed.

You win the stakeholders, the investors of your program.

And your learners can't keep their hands off of you (your L&D excites curiosity).

How to achieve this SEXY & FIT LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT BODY is actually a chapter in my upcoming book 'Win Some Learn Some'.

I wanted to spark a discussion pre-release on the fitness perspective of the learning and development departnets and suppliers. Which category are you in and what's your goal. Please share your comments. & Happy swim suit season.

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