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The Badass Teacher I Never Had But Wish I Did- Gary V

You might hate him or love him... totally upto you but for one thing; it's not easy to passover him. 

Gary V is the guy I'm talking about. I have been following his blog for a little while and damn, he doesn't mince his words. 

Just listen to him for 3 minutes and you'll go into a shock pondering over life decisions. 

There are two sides to this kind of motivation. Some might see it as negative but isn't the truth always sour?

Trust me, I love positive affirmations as much as the next person does but too much of anything makes me sick. So I balance out my wisdom guru advice by half a cup of Marie Forleo plus half a cup of Gary V. 

  1. He'll tell you exactly in what ways you waste time and make excuses instead of doing the hard work.

  2. His advice is not for the mediocre people who just want to live by being the regular Joe.

  3. His advice is for people serious about creating something in life and living upto their potential.

  4. When people party and go clubbing, he is out there working. This is not to say that he doesn't take rest or that those who party are stupid... but it's about dedication.

  5. When you want something really bad, you'll find a way, if not you'll find an excuse.The most common one being "Im too busy/old/young/whatever-the-hell-excuse-you-can-find".

This is the sort of in-your-face, current and honest dose of schooling we all need, if we ever want to do something great with our lives. Watch one of his videos here. 

I for one, totally dig his advice. :)

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