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Why Do They Run Away?

(Employee Retention/Turnover) 3 Ways To Stop Breakups That Cost Money

It's not YOU, it's me!

Remember that same old cliche line from rom coms where one person is desperately trying to get away from the other and still wants to seem nice & polite?

That's the rom-com world! Professional world is tough. There it goes more like this:

While there are many reasons as to why you suck so hard that people want to leave you, one of the biggest one is HORRIBLE BOSSES!

More than four in 10 (42%) employees have quit a job because they had a ‘bad boss’,

according to research from lead generation company Approved Index.

Durign the industrial revolution, it was the norm to have horrible bosses. Slavery was still in the shallow end and ignoring your staff's ideas, needs and problems was business-as-usual. However, as the world moved on from Marlyn Monroe to Jennifer Lawrence, much has changed. And sucky bosses are NOT in power anymore.

It got good responses on all social media channels and thankfully no one said that it's OK to belittle others. May be I just have good people in my networks and social media ;) because the fact is if 42% of employees have quit because of a bad boss, chances are that we all may know some of those bad bosses or worse, we might be one. So here are the 3 ways I promised to tell you, which can save you from those costly breakups.

3 Ways To Stop Breakups That Cost Money

#1 Check your expectations-

What do you or your managers expect from the staff?

Keep the expectations real and learn to manage them. If you expect pro quality, advanced results... hire advanced experts. 

If you hire amateurs and pay fresh grad salaries to experienced, experts, they might stay there only until they find a better opportunity. And when you do pay bare minimum, expect bare minimum. 

#2 Check your words-

Communication skills make or break a relationship. Even if you pay someone the highest rate in the market, but act rude and treat them like slaves... chances are they will leave you. Power has a dark side to it. Sometimes, those people who have had little or no power in their lives, when get some, they instantly start abusing it. It's also due to lack of proper experience in handling that power but its also inherent in all of us. If you're a bad person, the stinky part of you will surface, sooner or later.

#3 Check your body langauge-

Body language is as important as verbal words. Pointing fingers, rolling your eyes, frowning constantly, creating a fearful environment around... these things give you the illusion of power and respect but it only means that you've succeeded as an official douchebag-in-power! While most articles, books and expert videos are focused on body language to create authority and context of power, people forget the ever so important aspect of managing body language- being powerful yet empatetic, authorotative yet kind.

The war for talent is 80% won if you start being empathetic towards your employees. Because the thing is... people's BULLSHIT RADAR is very sensitive these days... they can detect a rude, impolite and obnoxious person from far. You can pay them to tolerate your bullshit but it won't be a long and healthy professional relationship. As Marcus Buckingham says;

Your turn- do you have a bad boss who made you quit? How happy do you think your current employees are with your behavior? How do you keep it in check? Please share your stories in the comments section.

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