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Yes, Mark Zuckerberg attends his BOARD MEETINGS in a hoodie & a pair of sneakers... BUT YOU CAN'T. Here's why...

Young people are impressionable. From One Direction & Iggy in the music world to Mark Z & Gary V in the business world, they try to emulate their behaviour in order to achieve that level of success or at least feel they belong to their fan community.

Yes, the marketplace is changing.

Yes, the rule breakers are out there and succeeding. But we are still NOT at a place where these unicorns are a norm.

I hate to say this but yes, people are very much judged on the basis of their clothing & vocab. I know because I've been.

Mark Z can wear a hoodie to the UN if he likes to but you and I can't!

Want to know why??????

Source: CNN

In simple words....


And he earned it, not just with profits in the stock market but also by being a very visible CEO, a relatable boy-next-door demeanour & most importantly a hard working millennial, with a HIGHER PURPOSE than just making a buck to buy a Ducati or get back on my nemesis.

We all want to be the person who believes in the ideas not the external outfits. Afterall we've seen some of the worlds creepiest, weirdiest & rudest people in very exquisite clothing.

But try walking into an interview meeting next time with a hoddie on & God bless you if you're a woman (you'll be buried deep behind the actual players on the table, if at all allowed to stay in the room).

The fact is that we humans judge each other all the time and in a professional world, more than ever.

This has been proven time and again by research, that although professionals admit that their decisions on hiring someone aren't based on their dressing style yet research showed that subconsciously THEY DID! READ the book EXECUTIVE PRESENCE to dig more.

Another example is Gary Vaynerchuck...

Gary V is at the peak of his entrepreneurial journey in 2016, I think.

Apart from running his media company, he's gathered a heavy fan following on social media through his Vlogs...

He is constantly invited as a speaker at prestigious global events.

Imagine a newbie speaker using F-bombs on the stage to a group of corporate professionals or students... Pepper that with a lot of  "umm, like, ah, like, like"... 

What are your chances of being invited to that or any stage ever again??? Try that at a Toastmasters or National Speaking Association event & tell me what happened next.

As someone in late twenties, who has been through a good part of business and academic life... I'm telling you this...

When people tell you in the business world to "be yourself", they're LYING!

They can't handle the REAL you, 99% of the time.

If you want to be yourself hard, learn the rules inside out to one day break those rules, make a mark


The "be yourself" advice in the business world doesn't work.

 Exceptions are startups and the modern companies where there's millennial leadership & the whole culture is based around being authentic...yes, those are the places where being the real you and brining in your originality will pay off. 

But in traditional business environments, sorry but you still need to put that itchy jacket and trouser on, that says "hire me, I know how to put on a trouser and code at the sametime"!

In short, see the business world like ZOMBIE LAND. To get to the top of a new empire, you've got to wear, talk, act & be like the others, just to survive.

Wait till your work shines so bright, they turn their gaze from your $30 Zara Blazer to your $1 M company or breath taking art or raving fans.

What do you think? Share your stories, that's where the fun happens :)

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