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  • Let's Begin With You

    Yes, you! The hustler trying to cut through the noise of the gazillion Entrepreneurs but getting nowhere!

    I bet you're writing or planning to schedule your 1 billionth piece of content hoping it would:

    1- Bring new clients.

    2- Get you recognition making you the 'GO-TO' GUY/GAL in your industry.

    3- Let the world know how brilliant you are and give you the spotlight you deserve.


    It sucks; I know.

    It's shitty and hard and bone shattering when you work so hard and put it out there and no one looks at it. Maybe you got a few likes here and there but that's it.

    Don't feel lost in the abyss...

    There's a solution- get featured as a guest on any national or international media.

    It's called PR {Public Relations & Advertising}

    But it's not easy to get there, is it?

  • Is Credibility Really That Important in Business?

    Brilliant Q. Here's the A-

    Did you know that almost 90% of buyer decisions are based on reviews that generate trust?

    Of all the pieces of content out there, 3rd party content written about you creates 88% greater impact than what you write on your own website or blog about you.

    If I tell you the number of leads, clients, trust & credibility you can get from being featured in The Huffington Post, it would seem unfair so I'll share what others have said..

  • What The Huffington Post Can Give You

    That Publishing Content About Your Own Brand Won't?


    In her Blog, Jessica talks about the amazing exposure she got that built loyal fans & lead to hundreds of Facebook messages, likes & comments.

    2# TRAFFIC

    Jessica talks about her traffic that was upto 2500 blog readers in 30 days.


    Forget about the traffic and the exposure because you may argue that the results can vary and what if you do not already have a blog running.

    How about the drooling & gawking from your customers when they see you are not just any regular ol' Melvin but someone important because


                                                THE HUFFINGTON POST

  • Presenting

    'Grand Ambitions'

  • What is it about?

    'Grand Ambitions' is my take on the small business owners or solopreneurs that have great stories and insights to share with the world but don't have the opportunity. The stories are about-

    1. Resilience
    2. Hustle
    3. Great ideas or inventions
    4. Passion &
    5. The world of online business 

    To be featured you don't need a million dollar business and billion bucks in the bank. All you need is a desire & something that you built or created that provides VALUE.

  • So, how does it work?


    1. Application Assessment

    I assess your application, website, blog links to read or use some part of your product or service to be assured it's all legitimate and matches the high standards of The Huffington Post. If you are reading this, you have overcome this step so give yourself a pat on the back!

    2. Strategy Phone Call a.k.a story digging

    This is where we go on a virtual coffee date! I chat with you to explore your business goals and your random stories to find a beautiful angle and story that readers might be interested in, can get immense value from and get seduced & hypnotized like magic for you. For example, the story of a fitness trainer is bland but the story of bullied teenager who overcame hell to be an entrepreneur- now that needs a bucket of popcorn & a pair of 3D glasses!!!

    3. Writing & Editing a.k.a glue butt to chair

    Agreeing upon the story angle I begin the writing part. We agree on a timeline under which I craft a hook-worthy story and do the early editing.

    4. Your Approval & Proofreading

    I will share drafts of work with you, get images from you that you want in there and get proofread with a professional editor to add the perspective of a fresh pair of eyes.

    5.Publish & sharing

    Once the article is published, I will share it on Twitter and Facebook as well as my Linked Pulse blog and FB group and blog.On social media the link will be shared ten times separated by short intervals in between.

    The article length will vary for different stories but typically under 1500 words as the submission rules suggest.

  • Who is the 'Grand Ambitions' for?

    1- Entrepreneurs that have already created or about to launch their physical or virtual products.

    2- Entrepreneurs looking to cut through the noise and stand out in their industry.

    3- Serious entrepreneurs that are aware how difficult it is to get media attention for small business owners.

    4- Entrepreneurs willing to invest in their highly strategic and thoughtful marketing strategies that will put them on the map.

    5- Entrepreneurs that have stories that can inspire world change.

  • Grand Ambitions Guest Packages

    Now you can chose between 2 options.

  • So Who Am I

    And why on earth should you work with me to get on The Huffington Post?

    Shahla Khan a.k.a That Indian Chick

    Entrepreneur, HuffPost Contributor, Online Courses Reviewer & Author

    Between writing books and blogs, I live my life as a Ph.D Fellow, (not much exciting, I get that).

    But what is super duper exciting is when one of my pieces is published on a high profile media like The Huffington Post or The Telegraph UK & I get to hear amazing responses from readers admiring my thoughts.

    There's nothing on earth that beats the happiness of a fan letter!

    Some of my articles and blog links are below just so you know what they are like.

    Me on The Huffington Post

    Me in The Telegraph UK 

    My LinkedIn Pulse Blog

    My readers share how my words touched their lives and this is one of the best reviews showing how my article moved this person emotionally.

    There's a bucket full of 'what they think' testimonials and reviews that my readers have sent me. But I didn't think crowding this space with them is good, (I'm not braggy or anything, you know :)) therefore you can visit this link if you need to hear from more people.

  • Q.B.Y.H

    [Questions bubbling in your heart:]

    1. Are you a HuffPost employee?

    Nope! I'm a guest author on their platform.

    2. Does The HuffPost pay you?

    No. You can confirm that on their website and Wikipedia.

    3. Why are you charging me to be a guest in the series?

    I knew this would come up at some point which is a very natural question to ask.

    I'm charging for the number of extra hours & outsourcing the proofreaders &copywriters that I will have to pay for because as I mentioned above, I'm not an employee of The Huffington Post.


    This is a mutually beneficial deal where I can save you hours and hours of pitching to various media to give your brand any attention at all and I get to be the very crucial bridge between you and your dream media channel. I'm investing a huge amount of time crafting, collaborating & figuring your strategy so that your spot gives you the most it can. Would any other journalist or blogger do that for you for free?

    4. What if I write for The Huffington Post myself?

    Kudos to you! But I doubt if you can praise yourself or as they say 'toot your own horn' and expect people to trust you the same way as would I or other media doing it for you. More importantly, if you are a writer and building your journalistic portfolio, that's awesome but if your business is about baking cakes and teaching dance, writing should be the last thing you would want to spend your time on.

    5. So can just anyone pay and be on the blog?

    No! Simply because if I start exaggerating lame stories of non-deserving people that do not match the high standards of this platform beast called The Huffington Post, I could lose my own credibility as an author and writer. I won't risk my reputation in the industry for your £££.


    Therefore, I've sorted out the masses and only invited those to this particular page, whom I've pre-assessed and consider awesome. Anyone less than awesome wouldn't be here. :)

    6. How is this different from guest blogging interviews?

    For many blogs, you can be interviewed as a guest. They send you a pre-set questionnaire that you can answer and the ditto version will be published on their blog. Not commenting on the notability of the platform itself, let's just focus on the content.


    When you write the stories on your own, you don't see stuff objectively and most of the most you do not recognize how 'sticky' & wow- worthy are some parts. You are just too close to see it.


    A fresh set of eyes and ears can identify and dig in those wow-worthy parts. Storytelling vs narrating and summarizing; which one is harder?

    This is why a self-written blog post on any blog is awesome but not the same as this series on The Huffington Post.

    7. You're an official HuffPost Contributor. Why would you hire proofreaders and copywriters for this blog?

    Yes, you are right.


    When I write my usual articles, it takes me about 20-30 minutes because I write about things I already know about. But the hours I would invest in digging your story and giving it an angle would require a lot more effort. Plus hiring proofreaders and copywriters will ensure the art of storytelling is exquisite.


    I'm a writer but mostly business one. Besides, having an extra set of eyes validate the work ensures perfection.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Before you make any purchase, please, please, please go over the T&C to avoid any future chaos. We all want out lives to be conflict free, right?

    Firstly, the exact number of traffic analytics and exposure that you can get from The Huffington Post varies drastically. More importantly, I do not have access to those, no writer has. (Feel free to ask around).

    That said, there's also no guarantee on the number of potential leads or visitors or fans or likes or anything of that nature. Simply because it can vary a lot.


    Secondly, what's guaranteed is that your story will be published. And not just published but crafted beautifully & strategically so it aligns with your business goals.


    Thirdly, I guarantee it to be proofread by a hired professional to ensure the story to be exquisite & we can work on it unless you are totally happy with it.


    REFUNDS: If you are unhappy with the story framed about you, you can decide not to go ahead but only 50% of your amount will be refunded because the proofreaders will have cost me by then. Up until our Skype call, if you happen to change your mind for any reason, you shall be entitled to a full refund.


  • So, are you ready for your chance to be on

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