• How a fresh pair of eyes transformed Anne Marshalls' course.

    "I badly needed a fresh pair of eyes to review my course. I knew I was far too close to my own work to be able to see where it was weak or needed reinforcing with content that was more useful and relevant to my ideal clients.

    Shahla helped me by giving me a no nonsense and yet very caring and compassionate review of my course. I loved her straight talking advise!

    I totally recommend Shahla to people who need a fresh and professional review of their materials. No matter how good you are at creating content you can never see your own mistakes and weaknesses. Shahla not only reflected back to me the key areas of weakness in my course materials but also gave wonderfully constructive advice as to how to make my course better."

    From only a review of the sales page alone, I pointed out the biggest 'sale factor/ wow factor' of Jeff's course, that he had totally not highlighted but would hook his learners like bees to flowers.

    "Shahla has just reviewed my course and her feedback is excellent. Do take advantage of her offer whilst you can!"

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