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  • Is This You?

    3rd party L&D buyers

    We purcahse 3rd party learning and development solutions but unhappy with the results.

    Unclear ROI

    There are no clear metrics we measure to account for training.

    Employees don't like us

    Our L&D is boring or vague. Employees don't come for trainings unless we make it mandatory.

    Scaling Issues

    We have more than 5 locations, nationally and internationally and we find our learning solutions do not scale seamlessly.

  • What I Can Do For You

    Areas of your Learning & Development we can help you with.

    Learner Experience Reviewer


    Learner experience is the overall experience of a learner using your L&D products and services speacially in terms of how easy, engaging and pleasing it is. 

    When the users of your service dislike the experience, it's a no brainer that the results would be depressing. As a reviewer, I'd collect data directly from users in few different highly qualitative methods and also provide recommendations to enhance that experience in order to increase outcome.

    Strategy Design Reviewer

    Consulting & Strategy Bootcamp

    L&D strategy design is an area of learning where almost no 3rd party help exists. That's because it requires DEEP THINKING and work. An off the shelf product is easier to offer but strategy design is tailored according to the culture, needs business activities and goals of an organization. If you have trouble getting good ROI's that's probably because your strategy design needs fixing. I can review your strategy for you & offer workshops to ammend and tailor L&D strategy according to your needs. I use canvases, checklists, templates and lots of actionable resources.

    Metric Monitor

    Consulting & Workshop

    I shall review what metrics you are

    1- currently measuring

    2- their accuracy and

    3- their alignment with business goals.

    Based on results, I shall design a bespoke list of metrics that you must be using and consolidate the ones that are working well. 

    Training Needs Researcher

    Ground Research & Consulting

    Learning Needs Analysis or LNA is the foundation of a corporate university or department. Yet most companies rely on a one page survey to collect this pertinent piece of information. We provide you rich qualitative data, that will analyse needs that superficial surveys can never catch. On request, these skills are also offered as a workshop to your L&D staff so they can do it for themselves.

    Learning Solutions Reviewer


    Whether your solutions include elearning, gamification or 1-1 courses, I can provide a full cycle review of your solutions and tell which ones are working well, which ones need updating, which ones do not have any specific impact and which ones trainees hate. Basically this review will cut down the non-productive areas and help you focus on the productive ones.

    Annual L&D Report Presentation

    Consulting & Workshop

    As a practitioner in the same industry, I understand your fury when senior management or people from other departments don't get L&D or it's impact.

    I help you do it in a way THEY GET!

    I can help you make the report visual, interesting & meaningful. I'm not talking about cute videos and free clipart.

    I mean actual L&D roadmaps and canvases I use for the model of corporate learning design I invented- VINCII. Do it with me for best results.

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